A recent study showed that three-quarters of law firms expect half of their IT systems to be cloud-based or a managed service within the next five years. This shift to the cloud has been predicted by the industry for a number of years but it’s only rece […]
Law firm managers are well versed in carrying out risk assessments to justify and make decisions around IT spend. However, from May next year, risk assessments become more complex when the GDPR comes into force.   Article 32 of the GDPR states: […]
There’s been an exponential increase in the number of ransomware attacks, from nearly 4 million attempts in 2015 to 638 million in 2016. A recent survey showed that 54% of UK companies now admit to falling victim, with law firms a key target.   […]
Law firms hold a wealth of sensitive information, all of which will be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   Specifically, Article 5 of the GDPR requires that personal data shall be: “processed in a manner that ensure […]
Social Media – there’s no escaping it in today’s workplace. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole host of other platforms are now just part of the fabric of our day-to-day business lives.   It’s critical therefore that your Social Med […]
You’ve heard about Ransomware. A hacker infiltrates your IT systems, locking them down until you pay a ransom. Some studies now estimate that over 50% of businesses have experienced this type of attack in the last year, and it’s particularly prevalent […]
Law firms hold a wealth of valuable client data and funds, all of which make them a very attractive target for criminals. As the number of cyber-attacks increases, firms are increasingly at risk of a breach. And it isn't just cyber-crime that can result i […]
Ransomware is fast becoming a ubiquitous security threat with 65% of British businesses experiencing an attack in the past year, according to the Government-backed Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016. The term ‘ransomware’ refers to a number of versio […]
We have shared advice about combatting cybercrime and reviewing email and network security. As cybercrime increases and law firms remain an attractive target, it is important that firms put in place steps to safeguard their clients’ data and assets, alo […]
The legal landscape is changing and technology is at the centre, driving innovation and growth.  Firms are looking at ways to improve profitability, increase agility and deliver excellent service to their clients.  In September, we were delighted to ho […]
The recruitment and retention of staff is a challenge facing many law firms.  Those who are successful in this area are combining traditional methods with innovative new approaches to attract the right people to their business.  This was evident at our […]
                          Law firms hold a mass of valuable client data and funds, all of which make them a very attractive target for criminals.  […]
  Converge Technology Specialists have been proud to support the Bott & Co Cycling Team for the 2016 season.   The team have had a successful season with a host of top 10 and top 5 places in some really tough and competitive rac […]
  Law firms need to tighten up their email security and revisit their cybercrime prevention strategies as there has been a significant increase in the number of attacks against law firms.   In particular, there has been a significan […]
                  The Trailblazers Conference     Finding and developing the right talent, enabling productivity through the intelligent use of technology and p […]
                  We recently hosted our Trailblazers Conference and here we cast our spotlight on our Trailblazing leaders and their firms, and how Converge TS has contribut […]
                      We recently hosted our Trailblazers Conference and here we cast our spotlight on our Trailblazing leaders and their firms, and how Converge TS […]
                  We recently hosted our Trailblazers Conference and here we cast our spotlight on our leaders and their firms, and how Converge TS has contributed to their su […]
  On Wednesday the 29th June we hosted our Trailblazers conference to celebrate innovation in the delivery of legal services by bringing together those leaders who had disrupted traditional models to bring new and exciting approaches for the […]
Despite firms’ best efforts to warn their clients of the threat posed by fraudsters, education and policies aren’t fool proof and client’s personal email accounts are often vulnerable to interception. Unfortunately, reports of client funds being red […]
A Converge TS article, supported by IBM and written by Guy Clapperton   Over the last few years a great deal of words have appeared on the subject of agile working. People talk about quality of life, they talk about the ecology, but at IBM MSP […]
This article originally featured in the February issue of Managing for Success.  You can view the full edition here.   The legal sector is clearly sceptical about cloud services – only 15 per cent of law firms currently use the technology. B […]
As the number of cyber attacks increases, firms are increasingly at risk of a breach. Law firms hold a mass of valuable client data and funds, all of which make them a very attractive target for criminals.   And it isn’t just cyber-crime that can resu […]
On the 16th January we held our company meeting at Nunsmere Hall near Tarporley, Cheshire.  The day began with a strategy meeting to start the year, with presentations from Managing Director, Nigel Wright, and Technical Director, Andrew Taylor, along wit […]
                The Conveyancing Association (CA), the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry, has announced a number of new Affiliate members.  Converge Technology Specialist […]
Agility, cloud, security and ‘IT as a service’ are top tech issues for firms in 2016   Last week we released a set of predictions for 2016 from our customers and those of our colleagues at Zylpha.   In this post, Converge TS’s […]
 When invited by The Times to comment on Cybersecurity in their supplement dedicated to Legal Innovation, Andrew Taylor technical director at Converge TS provided the following guidance for law firms. His comments were included with other experts in the […]
Nigel Wright, managing director of Converge Technology Solutions, looks at agile working and how it is enabling law firms to grow   Agile working has become a key differentiator for law firms seeking to provide the best client service and win the […]
We’re pleased to announce the winner of our Rugby World Cup 2015 Sweepstake as John Pugh from Lambert Pugh.   Launched at the LFS Conference, our Rugby World Cup 2015 Sweepstake invited delegates to pick a team from the hat, and whomever sel […]
There are lessons to be learnt for law firms following the sorry tales of the MumsNet and Ashley Madison hacks, explains Andrew Taylor, Technical Director at Converge TS   This article was first published by Solicitors Journal on 15/09/15 a […]
We were proud to sponsor the LFS Conference and Awards last Thursday and to provide delegates with the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the cloud, and our hosted and managed IT solutions.  The LFS conference brings together conveyancers a […]
When it comes to moving to the cloud, listening to the experiences of others is essential.  Learning from their successes, and the things they’d do differently, is  invaluable for shaping your approach.  It’s vital to get real-world insight from p […]
Flexible working is an increasingly relevant topic across all organisations.  Employees have the statutory right to request a flexible working pattern.  Many firms are discovering that offering flexibility in working hours and location doesn’t just ke […]
This article originally appeared in the August 2015 editon of LawTECH Magazine. LawTECH - Converge - Disaster Recovery   When fires raged underground in Holborn in London on 1 April this year, few businesses were prepared for the impact this w […]
This week’s article is by Bill Kirby, director of Professional Choice Consultancy, and features our customer Poole Alcock. It originally featured in the May 2015 edition of Manchester Law Society’s Messenger Publication.   I go on all the t […]
Many believe that simply backing up documents, emails and case files is a job well done, a disaster averted, the compliance box ticked. But is that enough? Nigel Wright from Converge TS argues that it is critical for your disaster recovery plan to conside […]
Cloud computing is proliferating the legal sector as firms see the benefits of having effective business continuity procedures in place and being able to offer staff more flexibility around how and where they work.   But while most firms strive […]
Of the many fads and three letter acronyms scattering the annals of the technology odyssey, two have emerged as key components on any CIO’s top 10 list of strategic positions, namely: big data and cybercrime.   The increasing amount of client […]
By Norman Denton at Legal Eye Effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) is not just about IT systems recovery. However, with the increasing reliance we all place upon IT to function effectively and new cyber threats emerging, is it time to give IT […]
The end of this week will mark the start of a 100-day countdown for firms currently using Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 to switch to an updated operating system – sticking with the old one will put client data at risk and leave firms trailing behind […]
With Business Continuity Week starting today, we urge firms to take the opportunity to review and test their business continuity plans – there really is no time like the present. Too many firms fail to consider the what if until it’s too late, but it […]
Today the vast majority of firms accept that technology is changing the way legal services are delivered and that the efficient use of IT systems can help drive growth, profitability and a positive client experience. Really innovative firms are not just d […]
Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Although it will still operate, Microsoft will no longer be supporting it. That means no security updates, no compliance and no support for apps. Analysts estimate there are more than 1 […]
Without a doubt the rate of change in the legal sector has accelerated noticeably over the last few years and is unlikely to slowdown any time soon.   Not only is the sector being influenced by regulatory changes such as the advent of Alternati […]
Our partners Weightmans LLP have written this months Partner Piece “Compliance Audits in a nutshell”.   Leading compliance expert Michelle Garlick – Weightmans LLP, heads up Compli which is a bespoke risk management consultancy ser […]
“The cloud” is one of those buzzwords that seems to dominate any discussion of technology now. The cloud is a catch-all term for computer services and data storage via the web. It can deliver greater flexibility, reduce capital outlay and improve secu […]
“The cloud” is one of those buzzwords that seems to dominate any discussion of technology now. The cloud is a catch-all term for computer services and data storage via the web. Before you ditch the hardware and dive into the cloud, make sure you have […]
Ensuring that your firm meets compliance for business continuity and disaster recovery is no longer a matter of ticking a box.  Outcomes Focused Regulation has brought a new approach to mitigating risk and there can be few risks as serious as your busine […]
Solicitors’ practices need effective business continuity management (BCM) so they can handle their clients’ business if something goes wrong. The Law Society practice notes outlines the essentials of BCM for solicitors and contains links to further he […]
June 30, 2014 Practice notes are issued by the Law Society for the use and benefit of its members. They represent the Law Society’s view of good practice in a particular area. Legal practices are increasingly using cloud computing as an alternat […]