Cloud and Risk: SRA Guidelines

As part of its Risk Outlook, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has recently taken a close look at Cloud computing and published its guidance in a document called Silver Linings: Cloud computing, Law Firms and Risk.

The Risk Outlook 2013 highlighted ‘lack of due diligence over outsourcing arrangements’ as a potential risk; citing that ‘whenever firms outsource activities, it is important that appropriate controls are in place to manage associated risks’.


It states:


‘Firms are increasingly using software as a service and cloud computing to deliver their IT needs. The reasons for this are price, flexibility and a desire for mobile working independent of specific machines. The high security and backup facilities made possible by the larger cloud providers are also desirable features’.


For a brief overview of cloud computing and the SRA’s view of the risks posed by its use by law firms, download a pdf of the document here