JMW Case Study

Converge TS’s contract to provide fully-managed cloud services to JMW, one of the largest solicitors’ firms in the North West, is a good example of how a meeting of minds between the heads of the two companies can be a crucial first step in forming a strong working relationship.


JMW’s chairman Bill Jones, formerly managing partner and one of the firm’s founder members, first met Converge TS’s founder and managing director, Nigel Wright, at a Law Society IT management conference in 2013. Nigel was able to offer him advice on an online training product he was launching.


When Mr Jones discovered soon afterwards that they were both members of Manchester Law Society’s Advantage group, he knew they were destined to work closely together. “We’ve got the same ideas, really”, he says. Since at the time JMW – recognised as the Law Firm of the Year in the 2013 Manchester Legal Awards – was looking to move its IT into the cloud, it was natural that ConvergeTS were invited along to tender.


He says the firm, which since February 2014 has been a member of the First4Lawyers marketing collective, laid down tough requirements on the companies that tendered to offer cloud services. Converge TS came up trumps, winning the contract to begin in 2014.


Since then, the move to the cloud has “been working very well”. It’s “still early days and there’s still an awful lot to do at this stage, to get all our systems to work on the cloud, but we’re very happy with our decision to choose Converge.”


Looking back, Mr Jones says the firm, which is based in the Spinningfields business district of Manchester, had arrived at the point where it had to act to expand its IT capacity.


“We’d reached the stage where the capacity on our servers was getting really, really stretched so it was important for us to get experts in. When we went through the tender process we were very, very strict on what our requirements were. And we found that Converge really came up with the best solutions.”


Converge TS were knowledgeable about working with law firms, and their particular needs for security and to maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ information.


“To have everything off our premises in a secure environment where we knew we could get instant access to all our information was something very important to us. What we liked about Converge was their knowledge of our industry.


“It seemed that after a short time that we were talking to people that were our partners, that were interested in our business, and wanted to help us move forward.


“For instance, with data protection it’s absolutely vital that we comply with the law and that we protect our clients’ data. Similarly with confidentiality, we’re under an obligation to keep all the affairs of our clients confidential. Converge fully understood that…


“It gives us comfort to know that we can outsource a lot of the responsibility to Converge, and moving forward we can see that our business is going to be a more efficient, our people are going to be more efficient and our clients are going to get the benefit of that. So our partnership with Converge is vitally important to us, moving forward.”


“I can say we’re satisfied that we’ve made the right decision, and that cloud computing is the way to be going, and are satisfied that we’ve made the right decision to go with Converge.”