“It is essential that we provide a seamless service to clients and this means that our systems need to be available to our teams at all times and under any circumstances. By supplementing our existing business continuity planning with Disaster Recovery as a Service and Managed Support from Converge TS, we will be further protecting our systems, and the information and assets which are entrusted to us by our clients.



“Converge TS has worked closely with us to provide a future roadmap for our IT development, which fully supports our business objectives. As we transition to LexisNexis Visualfiles, it is reassuring to know that we are working with a partner who fully understands the demands of our technology and business as well as having extensive knowledge of our legal applications”.


Read the full press release: Stephensons Solicitors LLP safeguards client service delivery with DRaaS and 24×7 Managed Support

“We have a long-standing and highly-regarded reputation for sharing knowledge and expertise to provide the very best advice. It is essential that we can continue to deliver this service under any circumstances and that we protect our systems, and the information and assets that are entrusted to us by our clients.  It is reassuring to know that we have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place that we can trust, particularly with the increasing threat of cyber-crime and other activities which could potentially interrupt delivery.”


Read the full press release here: Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP choose Disaster Recovery as a Service from Converge TS


“Working with Converge will provide Fletchers with a more robust platform, and allow our internal IT team to focus on developing solutions to optimise processes for our customers and for colleagues.  As Fletchers’ has been through a period of unprecedented growth, it’s good to know that our infrastructure will support this growth and that, together with Converge TS, we have a strong technical team in place to help align our systems with this strategy.”


Read the full press release here: Fletchers Solicitors selects Converge Technology Specialists for hybrid cloud service

Bott & Co Solicitors is a multiple award-winning specialist consumer rights firm based in Wilmslow, Cheshire with particular expertise in personal injury, flight delay and holiday illness claims. They are the leading law firm in the UK dealing with flight delay compensation claims. Converge TS works with Bott & Co to provide IT Support and a resilient Disaster Recovery solution to protect the firm against potential disruptions.


“As an ambitious firm aiming to add 20% to our revenue in the current financial year and growing our headcount, we need ensure we have the best technology in place to enable staff to protect our clients’ data and consistently provide a high level of service” said Susan Luya, IT & Information Manager at Bott & Co.


“Converge TS works alongside our technical team to provide guidance on scoping and planning our IT processes and their specialised support allows us to focus on the more strategic issues. It means our IT team can dedicate time to projects that help Bott & Co stay ahead of the competition. Increasing productivity is key to the success of our firm and our team recently won ‘Technology Initiative of the Year’ at the 2017 Modern Claims Awards for our bespoke CRM solution and App that were designed to improve the efficiency of processing enquiries.”


LMS is the UK’s pre-eminent provider of legal panel management with 25 years of an unrivalled level of experience delivering the highest quality conveyancing and panel management services.  LMS selected Converge TS to deliver a fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.  The IaaS offering from Converge TS provides a resilient and highly available system, where you can scale your servers and storage up or down depending on your business and performance requirements. This flexibility means that you only pay for the resources you use, and you can easily and affordably align your IT environment with changing business needs.

“We were impressed with Converge from the outset and they looked like a great fit for our firm. They had experience of hosting our case management and digital dictation applications, they understood our compliance requirements and they contracted on very strong service level guarantees. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Converge TS”.


Read the full case study here.

“We chose to work with Converge TS as a result of their strong legal sector knowledge, compliant UK data centres and their experience with Thomson Reuters enterprise applications.  The Hosted Solution will provide us with the scalability and flexibility we require. It will integrate with our existing system and it will maximise the success of the deployment of our financial management software.  As it is a fully-managed solution, our IT team will be free to focus on other value added tasks which contribute directly to customer delivery.”


Read the BTO Solicitors Press Release

“Our commitment to client service and reputation for providing high quality legal advice is well known. We’re also committed to having robust systems in place and to protecting our client information and assets, and the disaster recovery service we have chosen from Converge TS supports that”


Read the press release here: Cleaver Fulton Rankin choose Disaster Recovery Service from Converge TS

Speed Medical, the UK’s largest independent provider of medical reports has chosen Converge TS to deliver fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  The IaaS offering from Converge TS provides a resilient and highly available system, where you can scale your servers and storage up or down depending on your business and performance requirements. This flexibility means that you only pay for the resources you use, and you can easily and affordably align your IT environment with changing business needs.

“We have built a reputation for providing the highest quality legal advice both to large organizations and to individuals, and our recommenders include some of the UK’s largest insurance companies. As such, it is vital that we have 24/7 support in place to ensure that our systems are always running effectively and that our teams are fully supported, enabling them to focus on delivering excellent standards of customer service”.

“It is also vital to us that we can continue to deliver a service to clients under any circumstances. Knowing that we have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place is essential to the running of our business, particularly with the increasing threat of cyber-crime, alongside other events which can potentially interrupt delivery.”


Read the full press release here: Michael W. Halsall Solicitors protects client information with Disaster Recovery and 24/7 Support Services.

“Our primary focus is the quality of service we deliver to our clients. We understand that delivering exceptional service means being accessible whenever our clients need us – regardless of the time of day or night, or where we are located at that time.


“We can only deliver that level of service if we have the right technology in place to support us. We need to be able to access all of the information we hold about a client quickly and securely, so that we can provide the best possible support and guidance.”


Read the full press release here: Hall Brown choose cloud technology to future-proof new practice

“As a company that is growing primarily through acquisition, it is essential that we have a solution which is easily scalable, so that our partners can transition quickly and all our clients can receive the same high quality service and recoveries that we have always provided. We recognise that delivering a ‘best in class’ service consistently and longer term, means that we have to align our talent resources with growing demand.  The solution from Converge TS will enable our staff, and partners, to immediately have access to the information they need to best serve our clients.”


Read the full press release here: Pure Legal selects cloud technology from Converge TS to enable growth and optimise customer service delivery

“Moving to the cloud and updating our claims management technology will bring significant benefits for Motorplus and our business partners. Faster data processing means we are able to access files and update them in real time, giving our management team the reports they require to continuously monitor and improve performance. We’ll also be able to scale up our cloud and new case management system as we grow, making this an extremely cost beneficial investment for us.”


Read the full case study here: Motorplus drives forward technology improvements with Converge TS

“Our growth trajectory means we need an IT infrastructure that not only facilitates further growth but meets strict regulatory obligations. In Converge TS we have found a partner that delivers both. They have extensive knowledge of law firm requirements and have a proven track-record in offering a reliable, fast and secure service.


Having a single, secure and compliant IT solution is essential for effective teamwork and client service. It also enables us to boost productivity and offer a more flexible working environment, such as remote working. When bidding for criminal aid work, there is a need to demonstrate that we operate in a secure, compliant and efficient way.”


Read the full Press Release: Leading criminal law firm partners with Converge TS to drive expansion


“Converge TS was recommended by an external IT consultant. What swayed the firm’s decision to go with Converge was that they were plain-speaking, they came across as very professional, and when we went to see them we were impressed, and formed a rapport with them.Looking forward, we want an IT system that is resilient, and to work with Converge in partnership. We also have the added piece of mind that if teething problems arise we know we can just pick up the phone or email them and they will respond.”



When Robert Hastie started as finance director at Total Conveyancing Services (TCS) in Cheshire Oaks in April 2013, IT came under his remit. He quickly identified it as a significant risk to the business – legacy systems and hardware needed upgrading and a robust business continuity plan was needed to minimise business interruption.


“With major high street banks and two leading estate agency firms among our key business referrers, a disaster would have resulted in major reputational damage not only to us, but for these key clients too. My work was cut out and it was clear that business recovery was a high priority,” explains Rob.


TCS weighed up the pros and cons of outsourcing IT services versus boosting the inhouse team and the decision was made to look externally. Rob investigated the best technology providers in the market: “After conducting due diligence on our shortlist, we decided to appoint Converge TS. And since then, we haven’t looked back.”


Converge TS provided TCS with new hardware and also set them up on a completely secure Cloud, which brought them a two-fold benefit: a disaster recovery, which has helped TCS to win new contracts with major high street lenders; and increased productivity and morale among TCS staff who are now better able to work flexibly. “Staff retention has been a knock-on effect as people are able to work from home when they have a doctor’s appointment or if their children aren’t well.”


“As the banks and building societies have raised the bar in terms of security, we have found that our operating system meets and exceeds their expectations as we operate on a Cloud that is compliant with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. It’s been a real differentiator for us in terms of winning new contracts and providing banks with the security they now demand of their suppliers.”


As finance director, costs are key to Rob’s role: “We have found Converge to be competitively priced and we’ve definitely taken the right route by using their 24-hours, 7 days a week support. Our board has seen first-hand the difference that Converge has made. We just don’t have downtime while we wait for server issues to be resolved and we’ve also seen Converge work in tandem with our in-house IT manager, which has brought mutual benefits.”


Rob realised that moving to a new system and upgrading hardware would be a big job. However, he says having direct access to the senior team at Converge really helped him to gain the support of the TCS board and staff. “It definitely provided me with the confidence that these changes would bring big benefits to TCS – and they have.”




We were referred to Converge TS from our case management supplier who strongly recommended them as legal IT specialists. Their experience in the sector set them apart and their service delivery and strategic advice has helped our team boost productivity and plan for the future.

Converge clearly understood our requirements and we felt immediately comfortable with them, not least because they specialise in delivering law firm IT. Converge TS not only efficiently manage our IT network but also provide a fully compliant business continuity service which takes care of both our business and regulatory IT risks.

“Poole Alcock Solicitors has been established for over 120 years, we combine traditional values with the best of modern technology to provide all our clients with a friendly and efficient service. Our move to the cloud with a hosted desktop solution from Converge TS is a logical step forward, ensuring we have robust and reliable infrastructure underpinning our service to clients.”


Building the Foundations of Success – Poole Alcock Case Study

We have been working with Converge TS for over 5 years and have always found their team to be helpful, personable and adaptable to our needs. Their managed IT support service meets all of our technology needs, while their cloud disaster recovery service meets our compliance and business demands associated with business continuity. Additionally, the ongoing strategic advice we receive helps us keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

After many years with the same supplier we decided to review the market and Converge TS won the business. We were impressed with the breadth of knowledge and experience of their engineers, their desire to tailor a cloud service to meet our specific needs and their strategic advice and guidance which helped us boost productivity. I would have no hesitation in recommending Converge TS as a quality cloud services provider.

Visit the Jobwise website.

Linder Myers chose Converge TS to augment its in-house capability during a period of rapid growth through acquisition. Converge TS deliver a tailored suite of legal specific services, in this case comprising Hosted, Managed and Infrastructure Services. “We are continually investing in IT to facilitate our rapid growth and I’m confident Converge TS are the right partner to deliver on our IT needs. Linder Myers is at an exciting stage in its development and robust IT is critical. I’m confident we have the ideal blend of on-site and remote support to deliver our vision.”


Converge TS provide Haig Homes with remote network support, remote desktop user support and strategic advice and guidance around change management.

When it came to upgrading our IT network, Storrar Cowdry were looking for a partner with a specialism in the legal sector, who would make the process pain-free and provide reliable and consistent support going forward. Converge TS have ticked all of these boxes.

Pickering & Butters has always been a forward thinking practice and moving onto a hosted service is a logical progression for us, providing an ideal business continuity solution. Converge TS provide an excellent service and reassurance that our IT will support the quality of service to our clients.

We’re in the business of providing clients with straightforward and effective legal advice, whether they are individuals or businesses, and that means keeping everything uncomplicated. We can totally rely on the hosted desktop platform for resilience and security and Converge TS have taken away the potential distraction that IT can become for a legal firm.

We were delighted to renew our contract with Converge TS. Bartletts Solicitors has grown rapidly in 2012, opening two new offices and employing more people and without robust, flexible IT we wouldn’t have been able to do it. The transition has been made easier by having a dedicated Converge TS engineer on hand who is typical of Converge TS’ customer friendly approach.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, which means focussing 100% on customer service. Our new partnership with Converge TS gives us greater confidence in our ability to deliver just that. Converge TS’ hosted desktop solution not only helps us meet our business continuity and compliance requirements, but it also enables flexibility of working patters for staff and improves the overall client experience as a consequence.

The decision to go with Converge TS’ Hosted Desktop service was made easier by the highly personalised service we have received and the on-going support we are enjoying. We are hugely confident that this is the right direction for our business.

Our clients need to be sure we can continue to deliver outstanding levels of service under any circumstances. Following a review of our Disaster Recovery strategy, we decided that we needed a new and improved technical solution based on the following key goals: speed of recovery; flexibility; reliability and security. The Converge TS Business Continuity offering meets all of these needs. Our outsourced IT Support partnership with Converge TS also continues to deliver an excellent service.



Case Study

A full-service law firm, and leading provider of legal services to the residential property and re-mortgage markets, O’Neill Patient asked Converge to help ensure it delivers outstanding levels of service to its clients, under any circumstances. It was especially keen to ensure that, should disaster strike, the firm would be able to keep any systems downtime to an absolute minimum.


Following a review of its disaster recovery strategy, Michael Lennon, IT Director at O’Neill Patient, and his team, decided that a new and improved technical solution was needed, based on the following goals: speed of recovery; flexibility; reliability and security.


“Availability of information is one of the core considerations of the ISO 27001 security standard. Our Risk Analysis had highlighted loss of systems as a key risk to the business, with threats from a number of external and internal sources. We needed a solution that could mitigate these risks in a cost-effective, secure and reliable way.”


Michael believes that, working alongside ConvergeTS, O’Neill Patient has been able to develop a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that ensures that every eventuality and worst case scenario has been considered, and that the firm will be up and running quickly should disaster strike.


“Our ability to provide a service, under any circumstances, is of great importance to us and our clients,” says Michael. “And especially in an era of increased data and connectivity, secure business continuity planning has never been more important. Knowing that our data is stored in a secure location, and systems available to us quickly, is a big weight off our minds,” explains Michael.


“Converge ensures that we will never lose more than 30 minutes of data. Not only that, but all of our software and management systems will be immediately replicated too.


“We see Converge as an extension of our in-house technical team. I am confident that, with Converge by our side, we will tackle any eventuality and be secure in the knowledge that we can meet our clients’ needs at all times.”

“The legal sector has a poor record of retaining clients, with attrition rates running in excess of 60%. When clients don’t feel valued, they tend to go elsewhere and not only are you left counting the cost of the lost business from that client but you also have the cost of finding business to replace it. Converge TS’ Managed IT Support service with our consolidated database has given us a real edge when it comes to proactively looking after customers.”


Read the full Rowlinsons Case Study here