Our Clients

We deliver built in resilience and redundancy via our fully Managed Service…which is why we can contract on industry leading service levels to guarantee uptime and boost productivity.



Our Hosted Services are delivered from ISO 27001 UK data centers and we regularly consult with industry compliance experts to review our services in order that they adhere to your sector compliance needs. Therefore moving to ConvergeTS means that we take the IT compliance strain so that you do not have to.


Benefit from enhanced levels of data security with our hosted or on-premise Infrastructure Services. Your business IT needs are constantly changing and security threats continually evolve. Managing both is a continual challenge. Let our team work on your behalf via our Managed Service which takes the strain for securing your critical business data.

Business Continuity

Meet your Recovery Time Objective – how long can your business afford to be down? With our robust and resilient Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service we can guarantee to meet your recovery objectives.

Access from anywhere on any device

End users are driving the demand to access their data anywhere from any device. Staff mobility and the increased use of tablets and mobile devices are forcing businesses to meet staff needs. We can help your business to enable staff productively wherever they are on whatever device they wish to use.

Higher Performance

Your business wants to maximize its investment in IT to enable staff to work efficiently all of the time. Your infrastructure is the platform on which performance management is built. Without a high performance network staff productivity may be held back and profitability will be affected. Our Hosted and Infrastructure Services will enable your business to enjoy highly performing network.

Flexible and Predictable

The outsourcing model enables you to budget for a fixed monthly fee which can be easily scaled up or down depending on business requirements. Cost effective, scalable, and manageable.