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6th July 2022

Exceeding Client Expectations with Proactive Client Portals

Briefing Frontiers 2022 showed that for over half (56%) of UK law firms surveyed said that selecting the right client-facing technology/interfaces were a main concern, perhaps due to shift to hybrid working or the fact that client expectations continue to grow higher. Adopting high-quality client-first services is something at the front of law firm leaders’ minds and can be a key decider in whether your law firm is chosen over the competition.

In this blog, we highlight some of the benefits of adopting client portals within your law firm.

Higher Levels of Security

Law firms hold copious amounts of sensitive and confidential documents and data, and it is their duty to ensure that high levels of security are applied at all times. When sharing said documents or data via email or through physical copies, the level of security drops.

Web-based client portals allow you and your clients to create, upload, share and sign documents securely, eliminating the risks associated with email or printed copies. Furthermore, not only are communications automatically encrypted but they are secured on both ends further reducing cybersecurity risks at the hands of your firm and your client.

Simplified Collaboration

With a centralised location, communication and collaboration are simplified as fee-earners do not have to monitor and manage multiple communication channels such as email, their mobile phone and direct line, freeing up their time and increasing productivity.

Keeping documents, data, communications, and updates in one place makes access and collaboration much easier, allowing your clients to view and comment on their cases from any device, anywhere, at any time, without the need to visit the office or even contact their lawyer directly. This not only simplifies collaboration but can help to accelerate case progression through improved responsiveness and efficiency.

Improved Client Experience

Client portals can enable your law firms to provide the exceptional and efficient service that is now expected by clients. With a self-service platform, clients are able to access information about their case, including updates, documents and tasks, at a time that best suits them without the hassle of having to contact their lawyer directly.

With this centralised platform where clients can access case details, they can feel confident about the progress of their case as they have all the information that they need right at their fingertips. Being able to offer your clients a convenient, frictionless service can help you to not only meet but exceed client expectations, giving your firm a strong competitive advantage.

“If you are a law firm that isn’t digitised, you won’t be a law firm in a few years’ time. […] Enough law firms have gone out and digitised, and consumers want digitisation. You want to sit at home and do things from the couch. You want to order your food that way. You want to you want to let your lawyer know who you are that way. […] No one wants to get in the car, drive down, park, and go in and have their passport photocopied by the secretary any longer.”

Scott Bozinis, CEO at InfoTrack on the Shaped for Law podcast

Client portals are purposely designed to be intuitive, increase efficiency and ensure your confidential data remains protected, so it is no surprise that law firm leaders are looking to adopt them to improve their lawyer-client relationships and to streamline operations.

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