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By Scott Hanson - 6th December 2021

Investing in our Datacentre to Improve Performance for Clients

CTS’ philosophy is grounded in delivering a highly specialised service that provides value to our legal clients. That’s why this year, we have invested considerably in upgrading our datacentres to provide enterprise-level, high performing platforms that are reliable and secure enough to meet the needs of our legal sector clients, now and in the future.

In a phased approach, to be completed by the end of the year, our team has been working to upgrade our platforms to provide a range of benefits to our extended client base following the acquisition of Sprout IT and CBS (City Business Solutions) in November 2020.

I am delighted to share with you what our teams have been working on, and how this will facilitate the digital transformation of our law firm and chambers clients.

Through tight integration with our connectivity partners, CTS are now able to offer low-latency, high-bandwidth services to public cloud, improving our hybrid cloud offering for clients who wish to retain their data in a sovereign fully managed cloud platform but leverage the features and functionality of public cloud.

Our 2021 datacentre refresh project set about with the objective of not only expanding our footprint, providing clients with much needed expansion capability but further the removal of single points of failure within the infrastructure to provide a fully resilient cloud service platform.  With the additional investment in an enhanced Distributed Denial of Service protection platform, clients can rest assured their CTS Cloud hosted services are fully protected.

Our investment in redundant internet service provision gives our clients greater availability and efficiency. This allows their end users to flexibly work with the tools and systems they require at their fingertips, no matter the time or place, maximising productivity and collaboration. Our specialist teams work to proactively to ensure our clients can work uninterrupted anywhere, anytime.

With the removal of legacy infrastructure, we are able to increase resiliency, boost performance and enhance security, as well as support our clients to advance their digital transformation by strengthening their IT strategy to better achieve their operational goals and provide a superior level of service to their clients.

The expansion of our existing datacentre footprint and power capacity, as well as investments in new compute, networking and storage give more capacity for the platform, enabling us to provide a better response to capacity requirement requests so that our clients can continue to grow and develop for years to come.​

We understand that the legal sector depends on the efficient flow of information and communication, and so additional point of presence rollout will improve connectivity options for clients, granting faster connectivity, and therefore, increasing agility, speed, delivery of service and improved application performance.

We also are further developing the CTS Cloud platform to provide greater automation capability, driving operational efficiency and raising client satisfaction through reduced deployment times and greater consistency of deployment.

I am looking forward to the further developments that CTS is planning for the future and am extremely proud to support our clients and their business goals by investing in the latest technology and providing high quality service to help build a comprehensive approach to technology transformation across our clients’ organisation and throughout our partnership.

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