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Building the Agile Firm | CTS Webinar – 28th April 2020

When: 28th April 2020 at 2PM

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CTS will be joined by James Temple, Chief Operating Officer at Seddons Solicitors, who will discuss the projects that have allowed the firm to seamlessly transition to remote working in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. By embracing cloud technology, Seddons enabled their employees to work from home efficiently, securely and productively, without effecting business continuity, as the legal sector works to navigate through this period.

Many law firms are working in uncharted territory as their workforce adapts to their new circumstances. This webinar aims to support law firms with a number of aspects of agile working, including optimising technology and collaboration across teams and with clients.

Temple will offer practical guidance for law firms that have been struggling to enable home working, whether that be down to not having the right tools or solutions in place or their in-house IT departments finding it difficult to cope with the increased pressures put on them to provide extensive assistance to get both staff and users up and running.

The legal sector is known to be risk-averse and oftentimes, reluctant to change. Temple will explain how Seddons were able to overcome the obstacles on its journey to becoming a paperless, cloud-enabled firm.

The legal sector can take away some very real insights from this crisis; insights that are sparking debate around what a post-COVID-19 business model may look like.

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