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O’Neill Patient case study

CTS provides North West-based firm O’Neill Patient with extended IT support and a disaster recovery service.


A full-service law firm, and leading provider of legal services to the residential property and re-mortgage markets, O’Neill Patient asked CTS to help ensure it delivers outstanding levels of service to its clients, under any circumstances. It was especially keen to ensure that, should disaster strike, the firm would be able to keep any systems downtime to an absolute minimum.


Following a review of its disaster recovery strategy, Michael Lennon, IT Director at O’Neill Patient, and his team, decided that a new and improved technical solution was needed, based on the following goals: speed of recovery; flexibility; reliability and security.


“Availability of information is one of the core considerations of the ISO 27001 security standard. Our Risk Analysis had highlighted loss of systems as a key risk to the business, with threats from a number of external and internal sources. We needed a solution that could mitigate these risks in a cost-effective, secure and reliable way.”


Michael believes that, working alongside CTS, O’Neill Patient has been able to develop a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that ensures that every eventuality and worst case scenario has been considered, and that the firm will be up and running quickly should disaster strike.


“Our ability to provide a service, under any circumstances, is of great importance to us and our clients,” says Michael. “And especially in an era of increased data and connectivity, secure business continuity planning has never been more important. Knowing that our data is stored in a secure location, and systems available to us quickly, is a big weight off our minds,” explains Michael.


“CTS ensures that we will never lose more than 30 minutes of data. Not only that, but all of our software and management systems will be immediately replicated too.


“We see CTS as an extension of our in-house technical team. I am confident that, with CTS by our side, we will tackle any eventuality and be secure in the knowledge that we can meet our clients’ needs at all times.”

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