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3rd May 2019

LMS Selects CTS To Provide Managed Detection and Response Security Solution

LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancing panel manager, has selected CTS to provide a managed security service which enables the company to detect and respond to threats quickly, reducing the chances of a successful cyber-attack and building digital trust with its partners and customers.

The service is focused on improving the firm’s Mean Response Time (MRT): how long it takes to detect, fully analyse and mitigate a threat. Many firms are currently operating with an MRT measured in weeks or months. CTS’ advanced approach can reduce this vital response time to hours and minutes, distilling complex issues into practical, actionable advice so threats can be remediated more quickly.

Nick Chadbourne, Chief Executive Officer for LMS, said “The increasing cyber threat means that data and cyber security is of paramount importance to us. We’re proud of our market leading approach to compliance; it is the bedrock upon which our service is provided. With the support of CTS, we can be confident in developing solutions which exceed our client expectations, enhancing our ability to quickly identify and eliminate potential threats and maintaining our competitive advantage.”

Nigel Wright, Chief Executive Office for CTS, said “Research shows that almost three quarters of the UK’s leading law firms are seeing an increase in clients requesting a security audit. The rising cost of a breach, or of non-compliance with new legislation, means that firms are recognising the need for more advanced security measures to remain competitive.”

“As part of our Managed Detection and Response service, we undertake the time consuming and complex task of threat hunting, monitoring and investigation and provide this as a service, enabling firms to address security effectively whilst removing the requirement for upfront investment.”

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