User-Centric Cloud Design – Putting People Before Tech

Law firms must acknowledge the importance of a user-centric approach when investing in technology. This will allow them to control costs, enable agility, increase client value and improve adoption rates, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Technology isn’t just about the infrastructure and devices. Technology revolves around the end-users. What they are doing and why, what they need to do and how they use technology to execute these tasks.

Whether it comes down to complex systems, low confidence in one’s technical abilities or providing more training and education on platform usage, your end-users can give you invaluable information that can be utilised to improve your decision-making process.

In this guide, we cover:

  • How user-centric IT design can enable law firms to control costs, gain and retain talent and increase technology adoption
  • What end-users want from the cloud and how user-centric design can achieve this
  • IT design elements that law firms should consider before creating their cloud technology roadmap

This eBook was written in collaboration with Legal Legends.

User-Centric Cloud Design for Law Firms – Putting People Before Tech

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