Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

You want your staff to access all business data and applications securely from any device at any time – as efficiently as possible.


The answer to this user-centric need has many terms: Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Hosted Desktop, to name a few; we bring them together under the term Hosted Services.

What is it?

In essence this means accessing all of your information from secure UK datacentres – in an environment tailored specifically for your firm. It means delivering enterprise level business continuity, reducing capital expenditure and improving productivity for all staff regardless of location. This removes the need for ongoing IT refreshes or software upgrades and lets your IT team concentrate on value added activities rather than routine maintenance.

Why change?

If you do not plan to change to a system driven by the flexibility demanded by staff and clients then overall productivity may be held back. Our Hosted services are designed to allow you to focus on running your business more effectively while enabling your staff to work smarter, faster and more profitably.

The Hybrid Model

We pride ourselves on a flexible approach and we know that one model does not fit all. For various reasons a hybrid approach may be best for your business. This may mean simply hosting one business critical application such as email or replicating data storage off site. Often firms simply want to look for a secure off premise business continuity solution. However, increasingly we are working with firms who wish to move to a hosted environment but one step at a time. Whatever the case, we understand the hybrid model and are here to help and advise your firm on the best way forward.