Software as a Service

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Software as a Service

Move to the Cloud one application at a time.


How does it work?

This model enables software to be deployed as a service over the internet rather than installed in your office. This type of solution removes the ongoing burden of management and maintenance. Other benefits include the on-demand licensing model which delivers a predictable cost and inherent flexibility as it is delivered on a per user basis which can  adapt to  your business needs. Licensing can be shared between individuals and across organisations.

What are the benefits?

We remove the headache of managing and securing your business critical data and provide easy access from any  device anywhere in the world. We host applications for vendors and for end users.

Software on demand enhances decision making and deployment and reduces the onerous maintenance for internal IT. This frees up their time to concentrate on value added activities. This service also gives SMEs access to technology which was previously the preserve of much larger businesses.