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Secure business continuity in the event of disruption

Interruption to business, loss of client data and fee earner downtime mean significant financial loss and reputational damage to a law firm, whether the cause is cyber-attack, technology malfunction, human error or natural disaster. CTS Managed Business Continuity provides rapid and assured recovery of systems, applications and data.

Dedicated to the legal sector

At CTS we are the UK and Ireland’s only cloud and managed IT provider entirely dedicated to the legal sector. We understand that:

  • Looking after privileged, sensitive and confidential information on behalf of clients is central to the role of a law firm
  • Full secure access to your IT systems and data from anywhere at any time is essential.

Our close relationships with the major legal software vendors and our knowledge of their applications enables us to design and deliver a solution tailored to your firm’s unique requirements.

Essential for regulatory compliance

We also understand the need to keep your firm compliant with SRA and more general compliance regulations such as the GDPR. And that means demonstrating that your data is backed up securely, and that your lawyers can continue to work and service your clients.

Tailored to your requirements

CTS Managed Business Continuity solutions are always designed specifically for your firm by our team of experts. Whether your IT systems are on-premise or in the public or private cloud, we’ll create a cost-effective and resilient solution that replicates your data. Continuity is assured.

Keeping you working whatever happens

We have a passion for applying technological expertise to the delivery of efficiency, productivity, profitability and continuity for law firms. In terms of business continuity, that means providing:

  • Fast recovery of files, servers or applications in line with your desired RTO (Recovery Time Objective).
  • Data loss avoidance, with backups taken at frequent intervals to meet your RPO (Recovery Point Objective).
  • Assured recovery, using best of breed technology and validation testing.
  • Full visibility, with proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact.
  • Complete control, with the ability to trigger a full or partial failover depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Cost effective business continuity when you need it without an upfront investment. You only pay for compute resources when used in the event of failover.
  • A seamless failover experience to end users in the event of a disaster, with minimal disruption to your firm.

Download our Business Continuity service overview here.

"Our ability to provide a service, under any circumstances, is of great importance to us and our clients. In an era of increased data and connectivity, secure business continuity has never been more important. Knowing our data is stored in a secure location, and available to us quickly, is a big weight off our minds. CTS ensures that we will never lose more than 30 minutes of data. "

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