Managed Cloud

Be as tech savvy as the next generation of fee earners

So they’re more likely to stay earning fees with you

Empower agile working and accelerate productivity with managed cloud

Having worked exclusively with the legal sector for over 12 years, we understand the way law firms work. In particular we understand the crucial importance to modern law firms of what the cloud can deliver: secure and immediate access to data and applications from any device anywhere at any time.

Your ideal path to the cloud

We will create a bespoke managed cloud solution aligned to your specific requirements and delivering the superior levels of service law firms need, by harnessing:

  • Our deep knowledge of key legal software applications
  • Our close relationships with the leading providers of practice, case and document management software.

Productivity gained

Greater efficiency, productivity and profitability all result from a successful cloud strategy. Fee earners work more flexibly, critical applications and data are protected and your IT team can focus on adding value, accelerating digital transformation and driving your competitive advantage.

ROI attained

Our managed cloud solution will enable you to match investment to need. With reduced in-house infrastructure management costs, you can use your IT budget more efficiently: accessing specialist skills as and when they’re needed.

Complexity tamed

Technology is unavoidably complicated and constantly changing, as are law firms’ compliance requirements. Partner with CTS and our expert team will ensure you get the best from the cloud. We have a passion for results and a gift for making the complex comprehensible.

Which managed cloud platform?

Our Solutions Architects will begin by assessing your individual firm’s requirements, gaining a deep understanding of your challenges, planned projects and long-term strategy. This will enable us to develop the cloud architecture that meets your financial, compliance and business requirements from the many different private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud models.

Download our Managed Cloud service overview here.

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