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Advanced security to reduce your cyber threat response time from months to minutes

Law firms are high on the list of targets for hackers, because of the large amounts of sensitive and confidential data they hold. Phishing, data breaches, ransomware and supply chain compromise are just a few of the significant cyber threats every firm faces. And firms will face them with increasing frequency in the future.

That’s why advanced and comprehensive protection has to be a high and continuing priority for any law firm. Only with this in place can you guard your firm, and assure your clients that their data is safe from the constant, ever-evolving array of cyber threats.

The benefits of enhanced security

  • Safeguard your firm’s data and assure your clients that their data is protected
  • Ensure compliance with SRA and ICO guidelines and avoid potential fines
  • Protect your firm against reputational damage caused by a data breach
  • Mitigate against downtime and financial loss caused by cyber attacks

Detect and respond to threats in minutes not months
Many firms are currently operating in a way that means it can take weeks or months to detect, analyse and mitigate a cyber threat. Our advanced approach reduces this vital response time to hours and minutes, distilling complex issues into practical, actionable remediation advice.

A team of security professionals for the cost of one
Our Managed Security service is typically delivered for less than the cost of hiring one in-house security specialist. Furthermore, we provide access to world-leading threat intelligence and analytical technology, empowering your IT team with the knowledge to prevent future attacks.

Saving time as well as money
We undertake the complex task of threat hunting, monitoring and investigation, filtering out thousands of erroneous alerts so we can focus on identifying and tackling the real threats.

Meeting your compliance requirements
At CTS we understand the highly regulated nature of the legal sector and the importance of ensuring safe handling of your client data. Our security services support compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

Download our Managed Security service overview here.

"Data security is absolutely critical. We’re dealing with so many clients, we need to take how their data is captured, stored and handled extremely seriously. We have just been accredited for ISO27001 across the whole of our business and CTS were helpful in us achieving that. Protecting our clients’ data also means we’re protecting our business and the jobs of everybody in it."

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