Stone King

Stone King is one of the UK’s premier legal companies, employing over 220 staff in offices located in Bath, London, Cambridge & Leeds. Having built a name for excellence with both its private and commercial clients, it now has a leading reputation in the charity and education sectors providing outstanding service to its ever increasing national client base. Stone King is committed to investing in technology to ensure the security and reliability of their IT infrastructure as they plan to grow and expand further.


“With our increasing size, national footprint and with teams working across offices and practice groups, our ability to communicate effectively in different locations is dependent on our IT functioning efficiently.  IT underpins all of the day to day operations of the firm so it must be robust enough to cope as we grow and expand into new regions.


“After a careful selection process Converge TS were selected due to their comprehensive IT knowledge along with extensive software, hardware & security accreditations. Whilst of course service levels and technical abilities are important, we also wanted to work with a company that understood our business. Converge TS have a number of similar clients using the same software applications as we do, such as Elite 3E & MatterSphere, as well as BigHand. Because they have that specialised experience, they can respond quickly and knowledgeably to support queries and provide expert guidance that’s tailored to our firm. With Converge TS we felt our IT would be in a safe pair of hands.”


Tim Roche, Head of IT at Stone King