We’re moving to cts.co.uk

Converge TS will be changing website and email domain to cts.co.uk


From the 1st September 2016 Converge TS will start to use cts.co.uk as its primary website and email domain. This means that our website will be found at cts.co.uk and our email addresses will change. For example, info@convergets.co.uk will change to info@cts.co.uk


Clients and suppliers are advised to update their records.


Please be assured that emails sent to addresses finishing with @convergets.co.uk after 1st September will be redirected and will still reach their intended recipient, therefore no emails will be lost during the transition. Website redirects will also be put in place.


In particular, please note the change to our helpdesk address. From 1st September the address will change from helpdesk@convergets.co.uk to helpdesk@cts.co.uk


To log support calls, please visit the Client Area of our website or call 0345 872 4408.


All other company details, such as company name, address and telephone number, are unchanged.


If you have any questions please contact Karen Gilbert, Marketing Manager, on 0345 872 4400.