Total Conveyancing Services

When Robert Hastie started as finance director at Total Conveyancing Services (TCS) in Cheshire Oaks in April 2013, IT came under his remit. He quickly identified it as a significant risk to the business – legacy systems and hardware needed upgrading and a robust business continuity plan was needed to minimise business interruption.


“With major high street banks and two leading estate agency firms among our key business referrers, a disaster would have resulted in major reputational damage not only to us, but for these key clients too. My work was cut out and it was clear that business recovery was a high priority,” explains Rob.


TCS weighed up the pros and cons of outsourcing IT services versus boosting the inhouse team and the decision was made to look externally. Rob investigated the best technology providers in the market: “After conducting due diligence on our shortlist, we decided to appoint Converge TS. And since then, we haven’t looked back.”


Converge TS provided TCS with new hardware and also set them up on a completely secure Cloud, which brought them a two-fold benefit: a disaster recovery, which has helped TCS to win new contracts with major high street lenders; and increased productivity and morale among TCS staff who are now better able to work flexibly. “Staff retention has been a knock-on effect as people are able to work from home when they have a doctor’s appointment or if their children aren’t well.”


“As the banks and building societies have raised the bar in terms of security, we have found that our operating system meets and exceeds their expectations as we operate on a Cloud that is compliant with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. It’s been a real differentiator for us in terms of winning new contracts and providing banks with the security they now demand of their suppliers.”


As finance director, costs are key to Rob’s role: “We have found Converge to be competitively priced and we’ve definitely taken the right route by using their 24-hours, 7 days a week support. Our board has seen first-hand the difference that Converge has made. We just don’t have downtime while we wait for server issues to be resolved and we’ve also seen Converge work in tandem with our in-house IT manager, which has brought mutual benefits.”


Rob realised that moving to a new system and upgrading hardware would be a big job. However, he says having direct access to the senior team at Converge really helped him to gain the support of the TCS board and staff. “It definitely provided me with the confidence that these changes would bring big benefits to TCS – and they have.”