Strategic Consultancy Shaped for Law

We'll shape an IT strategy that understands the legal as well as the digital

Transforming your legal business

The perfect strategy requires a multi-dimensional approach, bringing together a deep understanding of your business objectives, your sector specific applications and your IT architecture, as well as the unique challenges within the legal sector.

Digitally transforming your legal business

We recognise that digital transformation is an opportunity to revolutionise your organisation and improve the way it operates. Our staff are here to give guidance and best practice direction to help you build a comprehensive approach to technology transformation across your organisation and throughout your IT lifecycle.

Specialist solutions architects to design your roadmap

At CTS we have the tools, technology and expertise to create a solution shaped for you and tailored to your individual goals. Our team of experienced consultants assist clients to design and develop a unique solution that integrates with the tools and systems your users require.

Helping you to achieve your strategic goals

CTS start out already understanding the unique requirements of the legal sector to ensure we deliver a robust strategy that achieves your objectives and gives your business the competitive edge, whether you’re looking to;

  • Optimise applications to improve efficiency, productivity and accessibility
  • Use data insights to influence and improve decision-making
  • Improve the user experience by gathering insights from your clients

With a service uniquely shaped for law

As the chosen partner of the legal sector’s major software providers, we have a deep understanding of the applications used by the legal sector across all practice areas. Allowing us to create a seamless link between your business requirements and the functionality of our IT solutions, enabling you to access the tools you need anywhere at any time.

We’ll provide you with the framework to progress through to the planning and design, phase in a structured approach, drawing in business requirements to ensure that your IT is aligned with your business needs and objectives. Speak to our team today to find out more.

Ready to start your digital transformation?

"CTS took their time to really familiarise themselves with our firm and our vision for the future. Their specialist knowledge of the legal sector and close ties with legal technology vendors demonstrated that we are in safe hands."

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