31st May 2017

Guest Blog: Building a Social Media Policy by SSB Compliance

Social Media – there’s no escaping it in today’s workplace. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole host of other platforms are now just part of the fabric of our day-to-day business lives.

It’s critical therefore that your Social Media Policy is bang up-to-date and that all of your staff are familiar with its contents. Moreover, your Policy will need to clearly state the expectations and boundaries when staff are using social media – as well as the reprimands for not complying with them. Training is therefore essential.

Of course, this should also take into account your policies on internet usage, cybercrime, data protection and information security – ensuring that you have a consistent and considered approach across the firm and that all users comply with their provisions.

Numerous examples exist of firms getting into (sometimes very serious) trouble following social media ‘mistakes’ and no matter in which role or how junior the member of staff involved, the consequences in terms of reputational damage can be catastrophic.

Make sure your policy is up-to-date. Make sure staff are fully aware of its contents. Carry out regular training. Have a plan in the event of an issue arising. Regularly review your policy and carry out spot checks where possible.

And if you need some help, then talk to SSB Compliance. Our team of experts has many years’ experience in supporting, advising and coaching legal practices throughout England and Wales on social media and a whole host of other issues.


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