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By David Fazakerley - 25th August 2021

How Our Unique Client Engagement Model Delivers More For Our Clients

At CTS, we believe in going beyond the normal model of support for a Managed Service Provider. As legal sector specialists, we understand that law firms and barristers’ chambers want much more than just an IT helpdesk to contact when something goes wrong – they want a partner to accompany them on their digital journey.

Client engagement is vital to ensuring that a true rapport-based partnership can be built and maintained, forging a successful collaboration both now and in the future. We recognise that we must go beyond traditional account management models to engage with our clients in a meaningful way throughout the lifecycle of our relationship and contract.

We provide our clients with a continuous support model that forms the basis of our partnership going forward. We recognise that investment in IT services represents one of the single most significant financial commitments to a legal practice, and to that end, we not only need to provide you with an industry-leading technical solution; we also need to provide you with continuous support to underpin the services we deliver. Therefore, we have designed an engagement model to ensure clients receive ongoing 360-degree support from the right people, at the right time to help drive their business forward.

Our 4 Quadrant Engagement Model

 The primary objective of our client engagement model is to support our clients’ IT strategy and solutions, ensuring every client receives a service that is tailored to their specific requirements. This model consists of Executive Sponsorship to better understand your strategic goals, Client Success Management to ensure optimal service, Client Account Management to ensure that your needs are met, and Solutions Architecture to guarantee the best technical solution shaped for your business.

Client Success Management

Our Client Success Management (CSM) team acts as your internal advocate, sitting on your side of the table and driving excellence in everything we do, which is of the utmost importance to us. The CSM is responsible for governance and reporting to ensure we are delivering services to quality and against contract, they will facilitate regular service reviews, providing metrics and insights into performance across your IT estate.  Utilising our partnership network and the legal community we are part of, they will ensure you are kept abreast of what is happening in and around the market, introducing you to partners and including you in events, which we will facilitate.

Solutions Architecture

With solutions architecture, you can receive continuous technical guidance and advice on technology strategy. Liaising with your firm’s management, and working closely with your IT team, our architects align appropriate technology solutions to your business strategy. We believe in creating a seamless link between your business requirements and our IT and cloud services’ functionality. Technical expertise, business acumen and legal sector knowledge working together are an unbeatable combination.

Client Account Management

Our dedicated Client Account Managers will work with you to ensure we continue to provide the best technical solutions and services to support you as your firm continues to grow. We recognise that your needs will evolve over our partnership’s life; therefore, we must develop the solution, service and support we provide. Ultimately, the Account Manager’s role is to ensure the service provides value for money and continues to meet your needs both now and in the future.

Executive Sponsorship

The Executive Sponsor, who is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, represents our clients at a senior level and their role is to share, at a strategic level, details of CTS’ plans for the coming year in terms of growth, product development and our partnership strategy. Our Executive Sponsor will aim to gain an understanding of your objectives for the coming year and how CTS, as a trusted strategic partner, can support you in achieving success against those objectives.

With this client engagement model, CTS’ focus is to curate a high-quality client experience. We understand that law firms and barristers’ chambers each have different requirements, and so, our client engagement model can be adapted to coherently fit in with your individual needs to ensure that your strategy is fully supported, your personally customised service is being delivered to the standard you expect and that our partnership consistently adds value from beginning to end.

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