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By Aaron Naisbitt - 17th May 2021

Leveraging Azure and Office 365 to Deliver Client-Focused Solutions

The more technologies that enter the market, the more client expectations are changing. Clients are demanding that firms drive improvements in their service delivery model by introducing solutions that enable collaboration, efficiency, and transparency.

Leading law firms are successfully leveraging the cloud to meet and exceed these expectations, creating a client-centric culture and building technology platforms that have the client in mind. These firms are providing a data-based, customer-focused, agile delivery of legal services.

In this blog, we will explore how Microsoft Azure and Office 365 enables fast deployment of new tools and enhancement of service, allowing law firms to deliver client-focused solutions.

Proactive legal services

Microsoft Office 365 has become a staple in many law firms due to its versatility, functionality, and accessibility.

Microsoft’s PowerApps enables IT departments to custom-build applications, such as lead capture, meeting bookings, and case summary requests, easily and quickly.  Such applications can accommodate business needs or solve challenges when unable to find a suitable, cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution.

Microsoft describes PowerApps as being the “low-code approach to application development”, meaning that apps can be built and developed without the need for extensive technical or DevOps skills. This enables the quick deployment of an app, reducing the costs associated with traditional, time-consuming app development.

Being a Microsoft solution, PowerApps can be easily integrated with other Microsoft tools, and furthermore, can be used to automate workflows between different Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

Adding value with automation

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and legal procedures has been accelerated this past year, in order to streamline processes, address bottlenecks and improve client engagement in a fully digital world.

Law firms can apply AI to their business-critical needs with the new Azure AI capabilities to drive impact, deliver high-quality client experiences and highlight new opportunities. Azure AI enables firms to develop AI-powered applications that deliver high-quality user experience, build models that can optimise business processes, and utilise knowledge mining to reveal useful insights.

Within the legal sector, AI may be introduced in relation to e-bundling tools, where document search functions and automatic redaction of sensitive information, can allow lawyers and paralegals to work more efficiently, freeing up time spent on administrative tasks that can be re-focused on delivering value-added activities for their clients.

Additionally, the rise of chatbots has meant that clients can utilise this technology to gain efficient, real-time responses, which, studies have shown, is a critical factor in higher client satisfaction. Additionally, firms can use chatbots to gain insight into their client base via data collection, to optimise their work processes, saving time and money, and to aid the client intake process.

Improved client experience and satisfaction

For such a competitive sector, leveraging all the tools available to increase productivity, streamline processes and build client relationships is essential. With Office 365, firms can quickly and easily deploy tools on an as-needed basis, allowing them to tailor their operations, as necessary.

Microsoft Teams enables law firms to improve client collaboration via a number of different functions including instant messaging, video conferencing and content sharing. Through tools such as SharePoint and OneDrive, lawyers can safely and efficiently manage, store and track communications with client. Taking a client-focused collaborative approach can deliver higher client satisfaction, which can drive new client acquisition and business growth.

Actionable insights to improve service delivery

Today, Big Data is the cornerstone of innovation within successful law firms. This wide range of data can give firms valuable business insights that enable them to improve their service delivery and increase profits – with the Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that Microsoft offers, law firms can transform data insight into proactive, value-add actions.

Azure provides secure, high-performance analytics that can drive better, faster decision-making. With BI systems, law firms can better understand client behaviour, meet and exceed expectations, and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.


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