14th May 2019

Meet the CTS Team – Kieran Harper – Junior Security Consultant

Previously, we spoke to one of our 3rd Line Technical Consultants, Mike, who has been with CTS for 3 years. In this next Meet the Team blog, we catch up with one of our newest members, Kieran who has been working as a Technical Services Analyst on our 1st Line team, but has recently been offered a new role as a Junior Security Consultant.

“I started at CTS back in April of this year as a Technical Services Analyst within the 1st Line team. What attracted me to CTS was the opportunity to grow and develop my skills in a fast paced environment. But after attending the interview and meeting some of the team, I found that there was also a lot more on offer, such as like-minded people I would learn from and enjoy working alongside.

The latest technologies and fantastic facilities that I was shown during my interview are very impressive, as are the benefits available to the staff. CTS goes out of their way to ensure every voice is heard and all ideas are taken on board.

As the first point of contact for our clients, it is my job to identify what their issue is, even if they do not know what it is themselves. Communication is a key tool when trying to assess an issue, and the technical skills I have learned in my short time at CTS are vital as I work with the client to resolve the issue.

Prior to joining CTS, I worked as internal IT support so coming to work for a Service Provider was a new experience for me. I’ve found that working for an MSP is a lot faster paced than other environments I’ve worked in before, which is great, as it allows me an abundance of opportunities to learn new methods and technologies.

Is the job what I expected it to be? Yes, everything and more. There’s always opportunities to get involved with projects and changes, the working day is enjoyable while at the same time, professional. It’s always ‘fun’ when encountering a new issue, as it’s an opportunity to learn.

Cyber Security has always been an interest of mine, and it’s becoming more important every day. In my spare time, I enjoy using the self-learning platform that CTS provide – Pluralsight to learn new skills and help develop my career. I am currently learning how to use Kali Linux, as one of my ambitions before joining CTS was to work in the cyber security industry, which I can now proudly say I have achieved as I have recently accepted the role of ‘Junior Security Consultant’. Additionally, I also intend to teach myself a programming language such as Python or JavaScript to help broaden my IT knowledge.”


If you’re interested in joining the team here at CTS, take a look at our Careers page for the latest vacancies.

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