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30th July 2021

Our Company Values: Why the CTS Team have a Passion for Excellence

CTS are excited to share our new company values, which have been shaped by our staff to support our company vision, strengthen our company culture and ensure everybody is working towards the same goals.

Following CTS’ acquisition of Sprout IT and City Business Solutions (CBS) back in November 2020, we recognised the importance of developing a joint company culture that encapsulates who we are, what we do, what success looks like to us and inspired us to do more.  We wanted to set out a clear, defined set of shared values that guide and influences our company culture and drives how and why we do what we do.

The journey to discovering our values

Through numerous workshops and discussions, CTS colleagues across different departments and levels took time to think about what is really important to them, write down their ideas, and then share them with each other to collaborate as a team.

Some initial examples included:

  • Through inclusion and embracing the diversity of our employees promotes a positive work environment and allows us to keep innovating a vision for the future.
  • Creating a space to learn and develop – not just yourself but teach others. You are an example – it is up to you which one you are.
  • Push yourself, have confidence and encourage others to go beyond what you think can be achieved.
  • Leverage personal growth and development to unleash human potential.
  • See negatives as an opportunity to improve – every challenge is a steppingstone.

Our Thought Leadership Team identified the top six core themes amongst the many statements, quotes, and ideas that CTS employees had put forward, and delved further into the intentions behind these to get to the heart of what really mattered. This process was repeated over several weeks until our final three values came to light.

  • Passion – We believe that exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends, and loyalty begins. Taking pride in our work and providing a high level of customer service is at the heart of what we do. We endeavour to do the right thing, to provide honest and open communication and to make a difference to our clients.
  • Team – By understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we can support each other and work together to achieve our maximum potential. We take the time to learn and listen, supporting each other to reach our shared goals.
  • Excellence – We welcome every available opportunity to learn, grow and develop, we expand our horizons – we embrace the adventure and strive to go beyond what we think we can achieve. By being the best we can be, we leverage the diversity of unlimited human potential and positively impact our clients.

 What do the CTS values mean to us?

Our values are our DNA. They are the basis on which our company is shaped, and act as a guide to facilitate growth and development, allowing us to focus on the needs of our staff and clients.

It was vital to us that our values were intentionally crafted by our people to help boost employee motivation, morale and advocacy, as well as providing guidance and security. They align our employees with our strategic goals, enhance team collaboration and empower our staff. Our employees embodying our values enables them to seep into the foundations of our company, shaping our culture and vision whilst driving positive behaviour and informed decision making. And so, we endeavour to infuse our company values into every part of our business, from our people practices to service and operations.

Ed Smyth, COFO at CTS, explains: “We are building highly specialised, high performing teams; made up of special individuals with a passion for providing world class excellence for our legal clients.”

“We are all jointly and separately – regardless of our different roles, talents, personalities, backgrounds, locations, preferences – responsible to our team for ensuring our core values of passion, team and excellence drive everything we do.”

How we do we infuse our company values into everyday CTS life?

We have taken steps to embed our values into every aspect of our business, from people practices to service and operations, to develop an ethos lived and breathed by our staff. A few of these examples include:

  • Reward & Recognition – Our Reward and Recognition program is heavily influenced by our company values. It is important to us that we celebrate our employees’ contribution and dedication, which are strengthened by our values – team, passion and excellence. You can find out more about our Reward & Recognition program here.
  • Recruitment & Personal Development – Clear and relatable company values shape a strong culture, by providing a form of direction that guides and inspires employees. These values attract like-minded people – dedicated, driven and passion individuals who strive for excellence.
  • Services Shaped for Law – Our values drive us to develop excellent services underpinned by passionate individuals who work as a team to collaborate with our clients. CTS employees are encouraged to learn and continuously develop not only themselves but the services and products we provide for clients. Our staff want to understand how we can help the legal industry grow and innovate, creating a seamless link between your business requirements and the functionality of our IT solution.

We are looking forward to seeing how our company values will support our development over the years to come.

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