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By Nick Martin - 20th August 2021

What is ‘Strategic Consulting’?

‘Strategy’ is a much-overused term but the simple definition I like most is: a future proof plan that enables a firm to prioritise objectives, remain competitive and optimise financial goals.

Today, all firms need a technology strategy that underpins their business strategy as there is a perfect storm in terms of increased competition from new and traditional firms, new operating models to consider, an array of legal tech solutions, greater compliance pressure, ESG alignment, increasing security and data concerns, a significant demand for a more tailored user experience, and at least 15 other points I could add!

In the legal sector, there are many people offering advice and guidance. In fact, the general noise level is significant, and it is hard for firms to get the clarity they need in order to make decisions that are right for their firm.

The public cloud marketing message is part of it, and whilst I absolutely love the technology, I am often irritated by the hype somehow positioning it as something that will end all woes and bring us majestically onto the sunny uplands of some IT nirvana.

Like anything, it needs to be viewed in the light of how it helps the firm to operate in a way that delivers required outcome to its clients. The question is, how you quantify what those required outcomes are and what needs to be done to deliver them? And in which order should you undertake the strategic journey to deliver a great law firm and client experience?

There are, of course, highly regarded specialist advisors in the sector who advise on IT strategy and the procurement of services and software.  We see our role as expert support for those advisors and the law firms they guide, all as part of the journey to help law firms to become more productive and secure. Our expertise in user experience, platform roadmaps, security, data, networking and IT operations bring what we see as a valuable “can do” element of any strategic engagement.

It is without doubt a partnership that brings together specialist advice, the law firm’s requirements and our experience from decades of technology consulting and support.

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