21st November 2022

World Cup ‘22 Technology Titbits 

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in full swing, all eyes are on the prize. But beyond the football frenzy, there is a number of incredible, innovative technologies underpinning the entire World Cup experience. Learn more with these Technology Titbits:

The FIFA World Cup 2022 promises to be a landmark event. But apart from the expected football frenzy, comradery and vibes, you will get to witness a number of incredible, innovative technologies that will underpin the whole World Cup experience.

Performance Tracking 

Teams are making use of motion sensors that strap to players’ boots.  

These sensors not only track players’ physical data, but also collect technical insights such as number of possessions, touches per possession, how many balls were lost or received and more.  

This information provides managers and teams with a deeper understanding of their performance, enabling them to adapt for better outcomes. 

Offside Automation 

Semi-automated offside technology provides an alert to the officials and can even generate 3D animations of the potential offside situation, which are broadcasted to the entire stadium. 

This support tool enables match officials and the on-field officials to make faster, more accurate and more reproduciable offside decisions on the biggest stage of all. 

Navigation and Travel Technology 

The NavvyBuddy app will make it easy to navigate indoor spaces and avoid crowded areas in stadiums, malls, entertainment venues, etc. in real-time, so you can get to your stadium seats, washrooms, and food kiosks with ease.  

Furthermore, connected sensors around Doha, Qatar enables match-goers to plan the best route by using real-time information about public transport, traffic, parking and even entrance and exit points of the stadium. 

Inclusive Digital Content 

Qatar has made big strides in their effort to become “the most accessible World Cup in tournament history”.  

Bonocle is the world’s first Braille entertainment platform, developed from a university project, which uses assistive technology to convert World Cup digital content to Braille for the visually impaired, so they can more easily access and enjoy the tournament. 


A list of other innovative tech to consider: https://insidetelecom.com/innovative-tech-in-the-qatar-world-cup/ 

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