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8th October 2019

The Agile Firm | London – 25th November 2019

When: 25th November 2019, 1:30pm

Where: DAC Beachcroft, 25 Walbrook, London, EC4N 8AF

A truly agile workplace brings people, processes and premises together, and builds bespoke, changeable ways of working to achieve a desired outcome effectively. The focus is on boosting productivity and performance.

Against a backdrop of pressures on revenue and productivity; new players and competition; talent acquisition and retention; security and compliance; client expectations; and sustainability, agile working is a powerful driver for positive transformation in your firm, enabling it to differentiate itself and embrace rapid change with minimal cost and difficulty.

The Agile Firm events bring together a comprehensive cross-section of firms, to share how agile workflow technology and agile workspace design can transform the way your firm does business.

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If you are interested in attending this event, please email to reserve your place.

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