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26th September 2017

CTS launches new Cloud Readiness Assessment service

CTS, the cloud provider for law firms, is pleased to announce the launch of their Cloud Readiness Assessment. This is a new consultancy-based offering designed to provide a fresh approach to law firms looking to move to the cloud.


The assessment is ideal for firms exploring either a private, public or hybrid cloud strategy who are looking for guidance on developing their cloud roadmap and IT investment plan. This independent evaluation and report includes a full audit of the firm’s current and future strategic goals, a comprehensive infrastructure review and an application cloud assessment. Recommendations on how to mitigate risk and improve performance are also provided along with a technology adoption plan which fits the firm’s individual needs.


“For many law firms it is now a matter of when, not if, they transition to the cloud. Our job is to advise on the how? There are a multitude of choices which can sometimes overwhelm which is why we have developed our Cloud Readiness Assessment. It’s a detailed guide offering law firms the direction and focus they need to take the next step” said Nigel Wright, Managing Director at CTS.


“As ‘the’ law firm infrastructure specialist, CTS is uniquely positioned to provide this guidance and support to help firms achieve their technology goals and business goals. Even if a firm decides they are not quite ready to move to the cloud, our Assessment will provide a future roadmap which can help feed the overall business strategy.”


Click here to find out more about our Cloud Readiness Assessments.

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