Accelerating Your Law Firm’s Response To Cyber Threats

In a growing and increasingly hostile digital landscape, having the capability to rapidly detect and respond to threats has become imperative. 60% of UK law firms have experienced a cyber-attack in the last year and in the absence of a silver bullet, effective information security now relies on the ability to address issues before they become problematic.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) integrates the dedicated experts, technology and intelligence needed to eliminate the latest threat actors that evade traditional IT defences.

In this whitepaper, we explore how Managed Detection and Response can enable your firm to achieve high-quality, proactive cyber security.

Download to discover…

  • The six security challenges your firm needs to address
  • How Managed Detection and Response mitigates your cyber security risk
  • Benefits of dedicated threat detection and response
  • The growing cost of setting up your own 24/7 cyber security operations centre
  • How you can achieve advanced threat protection with an affordable MDR solution

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