Business Continuity – Service Overview

Interruption to business, loss of client data and fee earner downtime mean significant financial loss and reputational damage to a law firm, whether the cause is cyber-attack, technology malfunction, human error or natural disaster.

Our Business Continuity service overview delves into the benefits of having a robust disaster recovery and business continuity solution in place, such as fast recovery of files, servers and applications, data loss avoidance with regular backups taken and proactive monitoring of all systems to guarantee minimised downtime for fee earners.

Discover how CTS’ Business Continuity solution provides rapid and assured recovery of systems, applications and data.

Read about how our Business Continuity solution contributes to the smooth running of MW Solicitors by providing a seamless failover experience to end users in the event of a disaster, with minimal disruption to the firm.

Business Continuity - Service Overview

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