Managed Security – Service Overview

Law firms are high on the list of targets for hackers, because of the large amounts of sensitive and confidential data they hold. Phishing, data breaches, ransomware and supply chain compromise are just a few of the significant cyber threats every firm faces. And firms will face them with increasing frequency in the future.

In our Managed Security service overview, we explain how this solution is both cost and time effective, as well as providing a comprehensive security maturity graph that illustrates how Managed Detection and Response helps firms advance their security capabilities to deal with not only the current threat landscape, but also with threats that have already infiltrated your IT.

Discover how CTS’ Managed Detection and Response service can reduce your Mean Response Time to hours and minutes, distilling complex issues into practical, actionable advice so threats can be remediated more quickly.

Read about how CTS’ Managed Security solution empowered Wilson Nesbitt to achieve their Cyber Essentials PLUS credentials and pass their GDPR audit.

Managed Security - Service Overview

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