SaaS Adoption in the Legal Sector

Experts state that ‘the future is in the cloud’, and there is no denying that cloud computing is having a profound effect on the ability of firms to compete in the modern world.

Firms are now realising the benefits of SaaS and, whereas previously, innovation was driven by vendors looking to increase their revenue and move clients to a subscription-based service, it’s now the law firms creating the demand for SaaS. Having identified a requirement from the sector to deliver a complete cloud solution, the major legal software vendors, such as Thomson Reuters and Aderant, are bringing to market Software as a Service (SaaS) versions of their applications.

This resource is designed to support law firm leaders in fully comprehending the current state of the market, how firms are approaching SaaS and what factors they should consider when planning their transition.

In this guide we cover…

  • Why law firms are embracing the change and implementing SaaS;
  • The evolution of SaaS within the legal sector – from core applications to new technology;
  • An overview of current SaaS offerings;
  • Factors that should be taken into consideration before migrating to SaaS.

SaaS Adoption in the Legal Sector

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