11th July 2016

Trailblazer Leader Spotlight: JMW

We recently hosted our Trailblazers Conference and here we cast our spotlight on our leaders and their firms, and how CTS has contributed to their success.
Joy Kingsley


Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner, JMW

Joy Kingsley is Senior Partner at JMW and is part of the firm’s management board and heavily involved with the firm’s strategy. She heads up Business Development at JMW and is actively involved with the development of JMW’s website as well as recruitment and retention.  Joy previously presided over the impressive growth of Pannone LLP and has helped achieve the unprecedented increase of revenue at JMW from £10.2million to £22.5million in the 5 years she has worked there.  JMW currently has 48 partners and over 250 staff.


How do CTS support JMW to be more profitable?

CTS has been working with JMW since 2014 and deliver a Hybrid Cloud and Fully Managed IT Service to the firm.

JMW had reached a stage where the capacity on their servers was getting stretched so they sought expert advice and went through a strict tender process before choosing CTS. Having a managed IT service from CTS allows their internal IT team to focus on adding value to the business, developing solutions and reporting to support increased profitability and productivity.


“As an award winning law firm we pride ourselves on delivering industry leading technology to continually improve client experience. We wanted to upgrade our IT systems, benefit from the features offered by cloud computing and enhance our business continuity solution. After an exhaustive tendering exercise we chose CTS to deliver a Hybrid Cloud and fully managed IT service. Their understanding of the legal sector, their tailored service approach and their highly skilled engineers were the key attributes that made moving to CTS an easy decision.”

Bill Jones, Former Chairman and Managing Partner, JMW


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